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Jean Claude On " jcfaminet.com ", you will find things which I am anxious to share with you.
The Menu of the top is directly associated to this Site.
The Left menu puts back you on Sites which helped me : editeurjavascript.com for the codes javascript, code - sources.com for applications, the Site of the Zero to learn.
There are my website designs : bana-mboka.com, podologue77.carron.free.fr and clubdesainesdenandy.com. A small help to the friends I added in the part "Leisure activities", Holiday rental with a chalet of mountain to Métabief-France (Doubs). You will get in touch with the renters out (e-mail where phone), " jcfaminet.com " do not manage the rents.

8 Buttons at the top:

- Calculs - RDM : notes of calculation of R.D.M and a calculation of piping. You have to have Excel or "Calque" of Open Office.
- Genealogy : when you click the link of a Name, at the same time as his index card which appears to the center, an index card arrives in the right column. This historic event corresponds to the year of birth of the person of the index card.
- Des Photos : photos of the war 1914 -1918 but also the photos of France of the 1900s...
- Mes Passions : story for 10000 years before - J.C.  to the French  Middle Ages on 2 columns, West and Middle East; my Drawings and finally the Mushrooms which I pick in forest of Rougeau, associated it some recipes.
- Des Poemes : in an atmosphere of lounge, if you have earphones, you can read the Poems of Jean Marie.
- De l'Art : in a felted atmosphere you can contemplate watercolors, charcoals and Nicole's oil.
- Nostalgie : French Songs that your parents where grandparents sang.
- Photos/vidéos : we find some games there, but also Photos and Videos.
- webmaster : if you want to contact me.

VOLTAIRE : "I do not agree with what you say, but I shall fight up to the end so that you can say it".


I know that everything is not completed in the life. That is why I plan not to stay there there to improve this Site.

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Ci-contre pour les GPS TomTom,
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